Saturday, 20 August 2011

Happy 21st!

Happy Saturday, friends!  Today has been one of those days with lots of housework, some shopping and ironing!  Now, it's craft time.  Hubby is away for the day with the young people from church; mum is coming for dinner tomorrow and I'm looking forward to seeing her.  She is bringing me a special pressie - I know what it is and can't wait to see it.  I'll show you on my next blog post!

This little card was made for one of my son's friends - it's her 21st birthday today and I pleaded with him to let me make her a card!  Thankfully, she loved it, but he wasn't bothered!

I used papers from October Afternoon's Thrift Shop.  The small squares are all 1" each, cut with my square nestabilities bought from 'Homespun from the Heart' (an ebay store).  The numbers were die cut from the new 'My Favourite Things' Die-namics 'By the Numbers' (bought from here).  There is a stamp set and a set of numbers - perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, etc!  Happy 21st, Barbara!

Thought for the Week - Genesis 40:1 - 41:13.  Remember last time, we were looking at Joseph and the qualities he had inherited from family members.  In this passage today, here is another list of some of his qualities - the last one is the one I think can be a problem for many of us.  In these verses we see Joseph and his:
  • humility - verse 4
  • perception - verse 6
  • thoughtfulness and care - verse 7
  • closeness to God - verse 8
  • honesty - verse 19
  • lack of bitterness - verse 23 and ch 41 verse 16
Bitterness is a terrible, destructive thing; and the problem with it is, it can destroy the person with the bitterness rather than the person it is aimed at.  In fact, very often, the person who is the object of the bitterness isn't even aware of it and it is the bitter person who does themselves more harm.  Joseph had many reasons for feeling bitter against his family, his co-workers and even against God.  But being the very godly and sincere young man that he was, the Bible never once gives us an example of Joseph being bitter.  He was gracious, patient and loving - even when things were really not going well for him.  What helped Joseph to cope with his unfair circumstances in life was the fact that he remained close to God and knew that God had a very special plan for his life.  He never allowed himself to get 'under the circumstances'.  He prayed and sought God's will and also patience for his life.  In the end God rewarded Joseph far more than he could ever have imagined.
My prayer is that I would be more like Joseph...when times are tough, to be able to stay close to God and see His all-wise guiding hand, and especially not to become bitter at circumstances or people because, really, it would be me who would suffer and lose out the most.

Thanks for reading, and may the Lord bless you much this week.


  1. i love your card!

    wonderful papers and the number pops out so sweet!

    hugs and kisses from germany,
    silvi xoxo

  2. wonderful simple design. lovely card!

  3. Oh Karen your card is beautiful!!

    I'm not surprised your Son's friend loved it .. .. I do too!!!

    Love Jules xx

  4. Love the text paper background and how you used the four blocks of patterned paper behind the number 21. Great design!

  5. Love the blocks of color against this background. Very pretty!

  6. Beautiful card. Nice design. I want to try to design like this for the Plastic cards, if you don't mind. I appreciate this.


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