Saturday, 7 January 2012

Belated Happy 2012!!

Hello friends!  I haven't blogged for about three months because the months leading up to Christmas are so, so busy for me but I've got myself all organised again and I'm ready to share some thoughts and cards and other projects with you.

Firstly, I made this easel card - it's the first one I have evr made and I always thought they looked lovely, but were complicated.  Not a bit - I got this one from Little Claire Designs with full instructions and supplies to make the card as part of the Club.  My daughter and her hubby were going to visit someone in their new home and this was the perfect opportunity for me to make this card!  Isn't it sweet?  I should also have taken a photo from above to let you see the sentiment...but it's too late as it has already been given away!

Secondly, I have had a look through all my stuff just after Christmas while I was having a tidy-up and thought about how much I would like to use my goodies on more than just cards so I have started a journal.  I got the idea from Stephanie Ackermann's blog, who is having an online journal class and I have joined it.  What I like about this is that it is easy and quick to do.  I am putting only positive and happy things into it...such as how I am progressing as a Christian and verses that have helped me in my daily living, a wee reminder of a text I got from someone who I haven't heard from in ages, a card of appreciation from someone or a quote that has made me laugh!  The journal doesn't have to be in a neat order just 'messy and beautiful'.  Here is the book I bought to put it all in. 


It's called SMASH and there are lots of bits and pieces to put into it.  You can all sorts of colours - I got PINK!  I got mine here.  If you'd like to save the important parts of your life, this is a great way to do it.

Thirdly and finally, let's get back to our Thought for the Week
Psalm 3.  This is a psalm written by David when he had to flee from his very own son, Absalom, because he was trying to kill David.  It's a difficult thing when we suffer at the hands of our enemies, worse when our friends let us down, but when someone in our own family lets us down or tries to harm us, it is almost impossible to cope with.  Even though David knew he had many enemies, he knew even more that he always had a friend in his Saviour, the Lord.  He knew that no matter how tough things got for him, he could always rely on the strength of God.  At times, when we are going through trials, we may find it difficult to even get a decent night's sleep.  But we learn from this Psalm that if we hand over all our worries to the Lord, then we can lie down and sleep and wake up again on a fresh new day, knowing that the Lord has sustained us.  Let us thank the Lord that He is on our side and will take care of us and love us, even when others turn against us.

God bless until next week x

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  1. Hi Karen! This is so super cute. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to visiting your blog often, and yes, I was blessed by it! I hope you will consider playing along at Word Art Wednesday ( - Have a great week!


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