Saturday, 15 June 2013

For a wonderful dad...and hubby!

Hi folks! I really hope you are well this weekend.

Today my card is one that I made for my daughter to give to her dad for Father's Day (tomorrow here in UK). I have to say that, as far as fathers go, he definitely is one of the BEST! He is kind, unselfish, loving, thoughtful, helpful, generous, caring and best of all a wise, godly man. In fact, I sometimes tell him that when I am considering God's love to me, I know his love is just a small example of God's love, but it makes me realise just how great God's love is for people. (Don't worry about your dad seeing this, daughter dear, he never reads my blog!).


Thanks for popping by today.






  1. gorgeous card Karen you made for your daughter to give to her Dad, blessings :) xxx

  2. This is souch a fun card, Karen, love all the dimension and graphic shapes! Anita :)


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