Friday, 27 December 2013

Gift envelopes

I hope everybody had a good Christmas with family and loved ones. Unfortunately it wasn't a happy time for everyone and I know of two people who lost loved ones over the Christmas period which is a very sad thing to cope with. Thankfully these dear people were saved and ready to go so now they are the ones rejoicing with their Saviour in glory! It's just sad for those who are left behind.

I'd just like to share a small gift card envelope I made for some of my family...of course, they'll be more interested in what's inside!

All products used are Stampin' Up

Thought for the Week - Psalm 71

I've just been reading about king David and his worries about old age. I have to say I understand his fears as I would think along these lines sometimes. How will I cope in old age? Will I have to go into a nursing home? How will I be treated? But I understand that it isn't right for me to think like this, just as David understood this eventually too. Why would The Lord, who has blessed and cared for His saints all throughout their lifetime, suddenly abandon them when they need Him most? God loves His people, no matter what age they are and takes care of them and helps them through times of difficulties. We need to remember that no matter what else happens to us in life, The Lord will never forsake His people.

David came to realise this and his words of fear became words of praise to His Saviour. The words that struck me most from the lips of the psalmist are these, in verse 21, "Thou shalt ... comfort me on every side". How wonderful! My Lord will be beside me, behind me, beneath me, all around me, comforting me with words of love, mercy and grace.

Suddenly, the thought of facing old age with the comfort of an Almighty loving God taking care of me seems much easier to handle.

I pray that The Lord will bless His people wherever you are today, and remember that if you are alone or facing a difficult time in your life, The Lord will comfort you on every side. Talk to Him now and ask Him to ease your fears for the future. If you're not yet saved, and don't have The Lord to turn to for comfort, why not think about putting all your trust in Him and asking Him to forgive and save you? After all, this is why we celebrate Christmas, when the Son of God came into this world, to save the lost sinner. Thank Him for His gift of salvation and accept His redeeming mercy today.


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  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR KAREN, HUGE BLESSINGS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND LOVE YOUR GIFTCARD :) I couldn't sleep the other night & your post update came through on my blackberry, so I was so encouraged and got up & read this Psalm & slept great when i went back to bed :) xx


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